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At Great IT Pros, we provide all aspects of Information Technology Services. From hardware support to Remote Help Desk. From Managing VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to installing your new server. We have a team with extensive Information Technology experience.

We have done a lot of specialized website design and application development work. Currently our team is creating some exciting website e-commerce projects. These projects are not just web pages, but are examples of data portals for exchanging information from inside a company, with it's customers and vendors — true Internet Integration.

Great IT Pros is different than most Internet development companies, in that we really are customer focused. We don't just provide cookie cutter web sites, or just push the latest toys. We work with our clients, seeking out and meeting their goals. We spend the time to create design documents so our customers will know from the begining how their web site will work for them.

The main emphasis is to bring our clients new customers and help them make more sales, without increasing their cost of doing business. At Great IT Pros the challenge is making the application do the work for our client, their employees and their customers. Watch this web site grow. We will be posting interactive demonstrations for you to review. These demonstrations are examples of the tools that can be incorporated into a web site that you can self-administer without writing a single line of code.

We can also assist you in getting your website found. Using good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules, we will assist you in getting the best web positioning possible. This is not an afterthought, it is part of our design process.

As an example one of our current projects: Event Photographers and Videographers have been looking for better systems to market their products professionally onsite at events and on the internet. We have been working with a grouop that has used our ideas to collect photos and videos quickly, process them fast and have a strong ecommerce system for their customers to shop in.

This project is being built in Microsoft ASP.Net with MS SQL database engine to replicate the data through out the system. We use Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer for the Sales Kiosks. The Video is captured and stored in Windows Media formats. Microsoft products allow us to process the files from the cameras to the sales floor very quickly.

To increase reliablity and performance, the next generation of this applicaiton will be built for Windows Server 2012 Operating System, with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as the database engine. We also plan on using the Windows Mobility Platform to add a PocketPC interface that allows the photographers roaming access to the operations and status of the system.

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One of our partner companies is Metro FastNet, LLC, a Wireless Business Internet Service Provider. They do not use the wired phone infrastucture, they have their own encripted, secure, wireless licensed backbone. They offer many fantastic services, including:

  • Metro Area Networks - Highspeed private data contections for multi location businesses.
  • Redundant Internet Access - A secondary port of access to the internet. This can be in failover, or load ballance mode. Why, because if the phone company's fiber or wire gets distupted, you will still have internet. If using the internet is important for your business, this is business productivity insurance.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots - They will work with you to setup and secure your hotspot, for your company or public use.
  • HighSpeed Broadband - MFN can setup Internet Access in locations where other companies do not provide hightspeed service. Low latency, high reliablity, with great upload capability, means you get more than others deliver.
  • Event & Temporary Internet Service Provider - They can setup Internet Access in only a couple of days. They will work with you to bring your event temporary highspeed internet access.

They also can provide redundancy for your telephone, with Voip hosted PBX and Voice Line Trunking. Can any business afford to be without phone and internet service?

Metro FastNet, LLC is an Internet Service Provider for Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana area. Their service area has been growing every month. Their areas include:

  • Louisville Kentucky Downtown
  • Jeffersonville Indiana
  • New Albany Indiana
  • Dupont Square Kentucky
  • St Matthews Kentucky
  • Floyd Knobs Indiana
  • Sellersburg Indiana
  • Hikes Point Kentucky
  • Buechel Kentucky
  • Starlight Indiana
Call Metro FastNet, at 812-590-4088, for their latest Internet Service Areas.

Please feel free to Contact Us for assistance with your Network, WiFi or Internet challenges.